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  • Facts on Honey and Cinnamon A wonderful article on the healing properties of honey and cinnamon.- by Linda Autry

  • Breaking the Law as a Matter of Course A shocking report revealing the inside story on milk and its pus content. This in-the-face article pulls no punches about the dangers of consuming milk and milk products. Gruesome statistics support the facts..-by Robert Cohen, the Notmilkman

  • Sugar: The Sweetest Poison An excellent article that exposes refined sugar for what it is: a deadly poison. This expose gives a brief history about the origins, manufacture, and exploitation of the sugar industry. After reading this article, if you don't hate sugar and what it has done to destroy peoples and nations, something is wrong with you! This article is a capsulized review of Sugar Blues by William Dufty.- from The Voice (March 2004) published by Yahweh's New Kingdom, Inc. P.O. Box 147, Prescott, Arizona 86302

  • The Slow Poisoning of America An expose of the food additive MSG (Mono Sodium Glutimate). Shocking but true information about the deliberate poisoning of America by food manufacturers who know the harmful affects of this lethal substance on the human body.- EnergeticMedicine

  • The Darkside of Animal Protein A commentary on the health risks associated with consumption of meat. Nitty-gritty information that gives pause for thought. Scientific evidence presented.- Olin Idol (Hallelujah Acres)

  • How Fluoride Kills Cells Useful, scientific information about the toxic dangers of fluoride in dentistry and our water supply. Researchers discuss fluorides ability to damage DNA as well as kill cells.

  • Hagelin Stuns the EPA 28 November 2000 testimony of Dr. John Hagelin, Ph.D. Director, Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at an open meeting of an Environmental Protection Agency panel in Arlington, Virginia, to consider the possible allergenic effects of StarLink corn on human health. Starlink, a variety of genetically engineered corn that has not been approved by the EPA for human consumption, was recently discovered to have contaminated corn products being sold at supermarkets around the country. Dr. Hagelin's testimony details the scientific/health dangers of genetically engineered foods.

  • Aluminum Being Added to Restaurant Foods Food for thought for those who like to eat out.

  • Variolae Vaccinae- Birth of a Fraud An eye-opening, comprehensive look into the history of the small pox and other vaccines- a when, where, how, and who-done-it report. Good reading for those who have strong stomachs and still think vaccinations are a good idea.- Patrick Rattigan

  • New Documents Show Deadly SV40 Found in Newer Polio Vaccines A shocking report for those who still believe in vaccinations.- William Carlson

  • Canola Oil Exposing the truth about this widely-used oil: its origin and manufacture in relation to issues of good health. Recommended reading.-Jim Lynn

  • Fluoride A well researched, comprehensive, and exhaustive treatise on this commonly accepted and widely-used chemical.

  • Chicken is Bad for Your Health Shocking information about chicken, chicken plants, and government regulations. You may never eat chicken again (hopefully...)-Michael Worsham

  • Meat from Diseased Animals Approved for Consumers An in-the-face article on U.S. government regulations concerning the marketing of meat. A must read if you intend to eat meat or not.- Lance Gay

  • Sugar A concise study into the origins of sugar, its manufacture, and its relation to health. Learn how this popular, widely-consumed, toxic substance has ravaged the world.- Dr. George Malkmus

  • Sugar: Leaving a Legacy of Dental Decay, Obesity, and Dysfunctional Immune Systems for Our Children An eye-opening article that exposes the dangers of this commonly used poison and its affects on the body with special regard to the health of our children- Michael Dye

  • Bras and Breast Disease Discover the link between brassiers and fibrocystic tumors. You may never wear a bra again.-Ralph L. Reed

  • Chewing Gum Releases Mercury into the Blood and Urine Learn what happens when you chew gum.Is it worth it?- Jeff Rense

  • Is Milk Kosher? A revealing article concerning Vitamin D content in milk.- Robert Cohen

  • Caffeine The truth about coffee and its affects on the human body. Learn what caffeine is all about. Hopefully you will never drink coffee and other caffeinated beverages again!- Dr. Van Beveren

  • We Did Our Best A shocking, true story of one man's experience with the medical profession.-Leonard Tushnet, MD

  • Health and Religion An excellent expose into the relationship of the spiritual and physical man. From whence comes disease? This article gives compelling insight into understanding the nature of sickness.-Kingdom Digest

  • Dead Food A short list of food groups and "foods" that you should never eat!-Mary Jaqua

  • Live Food A definition of live food and its effects on the body. The simple truth will set you free.-Mary Jaqua