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Hallelujah Acres, Shelby,
North Carolina

You shall know the truth
and the truth shall set
you free:


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Issue #70
The Importance of Sulfur


Dear Friends,

It must be spring! The lilacs are budding, the
fruit trees are leafing out, the lovage is bursting
through the ground, the herbs are coming to life,
the nettles are sporting happy, green faces, the
dandelions are ready to pick, and last but not least,
the garlic is up! We thus breathe a sigh of relief
that all is well with the world! With joyous hearts
we greet the ground and once again say hello to
familiar backyard friends that grace our lives with
healthy pleasure.

As warmer days descend upon us we look
forward to what the season will bring. Already
fresh, young, luscious, living greens are at our
local Farmers' Market! Now is the time to eat
healthy and eat well!

In celebration of vibrant living, this month's
meeting, 'SMART METERS:
Friend or Foe?'
will explore the impact of this
technology on both the environment and personal
health. Guest speakers will be Ed Friedman and
Kathleen McGee of The Maine Coalition to
Stop Smart Meters.
Allowing for the importance
of this issue, please plan to attend and bring
family and friends. Details about this HANDS-ON
HEALTH meeting are posted below, along with
our usual LIVING features.


SMART METERS: Friend or Foe?
with Guest Speakers Ed Friedman and
Kathleen McGee

Thursday, May 8, 2014
NOTE: Donations for speakers' travel
expenses are welcomed

"The Importance of Sulfur"

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By way of report, a recent computer upgrade
with associated tech issues has resulted in
time restraints at this end, resulting in fewer
additions to our featured sections. However,
a wealth of healthy information still exists on
our website that has literally taken years to
accummulate. Take advantage of our personal
research and experience by surfing our pages.
Postings have been made with your well being
in mind!

For the sake of personal recreation, we are
once again suspending our monthly HANDS-ON
HEALTH meetings as well as our e-newsletter
for the summer, beginning next month. We will
revisit our healthy outreaches in the fall. Until then,
enjoy the blessings of the warm season while it
is here!

In closing, we encourage you to make each
day a healthy adventure. Choose to have a
quality of life that is worth living in thought, word,
and deed. Plant a garden, take a walk, ride a bike,
start juicing, shop the Farmers' Markets, buy a
new (healthy!) kitchen appliance, go camping,
sharpen your survival skills, start a new hobby
or revive an old one, visit a loved one or call
a friend. In short, enjoy life the LIVING way!

I came that they may have life, and may
have [it] abundantly.- John 10:10

By this shall all men know that you are
my disciples, if you have love one to
another.- John 13:35

For your excellent health and His glory,


This LIVING Letter comes to you in Messiah's
love to encourage you toward achieving superior
health.  Healing of the whole man is the promise
of our Heavenly Father. Begin now to receive
your new life...naturally and spiritually. YHVH is
able to do great and wondrous works, if we will
but trust and obey Him. YHVH bless you!