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How to Start a Strawbale Garden

Grow Boxes
Taking container gardening to new heights!

Health Benefits of Garden Therapy

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Winter Gardening

Grow More Food in a Portable Greenhouse

Gardening a year-round with a Walipini
The Underground Walipini Greenhouse, developed by the Benson Institute
is an interesting green house for cold or adverse environments. 

 Growing Vegetables During the Fall and Winter
There are a number of great veggies that you can grow throughout the winter months.
Cold hardy greens like escarole are a good pick for the winter garden.
Carrots and other root crops also work well. 

Winter gardening tips
Dos, don'ts, tips and tricks to help your plants survive
wild temperature swings and hard freezes

Winter Gardening Tips: Best Winter Crops and Cold-Hardy Varieties
Don't limit your harvests to summer! No matter your region, you can grow cold-hardy
winter crops that have proven they can take biting temps. Just follow these winter
gardening tips from one of the foremost four-season gardeners in the country.

Grow Nutritious Spinach This Fall
Plant spinach soon to give it a running start that will result in good,
sweet harvests this fall and winter.

Planting a Fall Garden the Easy Way
Make this season even more successful by planning your
fall garden with our Vegetable Garden Planner.

Time To Plant Cover Crops
Now that the days are still warm and the nights are getting cooler,
the time is right for fall cover crops. While protecting your soil on the top,
the roots are doing wondrous things beneath.

The Benefits of Using Row Covers in the Garden 
If you want to enjoy vegetables from your garden throughout the year,
one of the most economical ways of doing so is by using row covers.
Easy to use and very effective, you don't want to be without them!

Food Preservation:

Freeze Veggies From Your Garden
Use these great tips for freezing vegetables to turn your
garden harvests into delicious, off-season meals.

Dry Herbs From Your Garden
You'll never buy dried herbs again after you try one or more
of these six methods for drying herbs at home.

Make Your Food Dollar Go Further: Dry Your Own Fruits and Vegetables at Home!
When it comes to preserving fresh edibles economically and conveniently,
it's hard to beat the centuries-old technique of drying!

Recipe: Lacto-fermenting Squash, Pumpkin, and Other Winter Vegetables 


Intensive Gardening: Grow More Food in Less Space (With the Least Work!)

What to Grow Now-Planting Guide

Grow Your Own: 5 Easy Vegetables to Grow Without Gardening Skills

High-Performance Agriculture Can Increase
Your Garden Yield Eight-Fold

$300 underground greenhouse grows produce
year-round, even in severe climates

Compost Made Easy
What are Microgreens and How to Grow Them
Top 10 Things to do Now for a Better Garden Later  

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Enlist Beneficial Insects for Pest Control

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How to Build a Solar Food Dehydrator

Make Your Own Tomato Cages

Garden Shed Plans

Backyard Gardens Can Yield Savings and More Nutritious Produce

Local Farm-Fresh Food
Learn about The Pickup, a multi-farm community supported agriculture program
and retail store in Skowhegan, Maine

Four Ways to Creatively Grow Your Own Fruits and Vegetables
using Principles of Permaculture



The Beauty of Pollination

Garden using 90 percent less water

Garden Seeds and Supply
Organic Seed Sources