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Maine in association with
Hallelujah Acres, Shelby,
North Carolina

You shall know the truth
and the truth shall set
you free:

An e-newsletter of The Living Way
Teaching you how to be healthy the natural way

Issue #67
Building a Healthy Digestive System-
Part 2



Dear Friends,

Welcome to the winter wonderland of Maine,
replete with freezing rain, sub-zero temperatures,
snow, and blankets of ice! We are thankful to
monitor these splendors of the season while
remaining snug inside with our power intact!
Winter hibernation has never felt so good!

Amid the joys of successive weather events,
our living lifestyle continues! Our LIVING
Kitchen is in full swing with fresh sprouts,
juices, power-packed smoothies plus root-filled
salads, raw soups, and assorted dehydrated
treats. Culinary creativity is a daily delight as
we explore new combinations and tastes.
Elsewhere we busy ourselves by tackling
long-awaited projects around the house. All
in all, our living lifestyle keeps on giving!

This month we once again have a healthy
line-up for you, so give a look and listen.
Locals, please note that our annual LIVE
FOOD DINNER is coming up in Febrary.
Start planning your culinary strategy for this
festive event!
Due to the dinner preparations
there will be no LIVING Letter next month.

Also, we give a 'shout out' to group member
Valery Mamonov for uploading his documentary,
The Secrets of the Longevity Personality, to
YouTube. Links are available on our
Resources page. Valery interviewed many
high-profile health professionals (including
George Malkmus) for this film, so take a
look and cheer Val on!

Lastly, due to software problems, many of
our webpages are experiencing font errors
and more. Such is the nature of using an
antiquated web-building program. Until a
solution presents itself, please bear with us.

For now, look past the aesthetics and enjoy
the following 'healthy fare!'


'12 Steps to Raw Foods'
A video lecture by Victoria Boutenko

Thursday, January 9, 2014
LIVE FOOD DINNER- February 13, 2014

"Building a
Healthy Digestive System- Part 2"

LIVING News- current news articles, videos,
and audios on health-related issues
plus vital radiation news...Must reads!

LIVING Resources - helpful resources for
healthy living
here Featured video series:
“The Secrets of the Longevity Personality”
by Valery Mamonov

LIVING Buying Tips- connect with healthy,
convenient, and cost-effective shopping

LIVING Recipe: Winter White-Out Salad
Celebrate the season with this tangy, new,
and different salad!

LIVING Inspiration
- Save Yourself While You
Still Can by Dave Hodges

In closing, a new year is upon us. What we
make of it is a matter of personal choice.
Those of us at The Living Way choose to
be healthy! How about you? In a toxic world,
it is easy to be sick and succumb to maladies
that surround. Dare to be different by defying
the norm, proving to others that
'you don't
have to be sick!'
Determine that 2014 will
be your best and healthiest year!

For your excellent health and His glory,


This LIVING Letter comes to you in Messiah's
love to encourage you toward achieving superior
health.  Healing of the whole man is the promise
of our Heavenly Father. Begin now to receive
your new life...naturally and spiritually. YHVH is
able to do great and wondrous works, if we will
but trust and obey Him. YHVH bless you!