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I harvested over four bushels of apples from our tree this year, a tree that is now
twenty one years old and has been ravished by disease for at least the last ten years.
It has even been hit by lightning. Nevertheless, through application of Miracle II Agricultural Blend in 2006, our tree began to produce again! The apples in these
photos represent a sample of our harvest. Though tell tale signs of scab are still apparent, the apples were firm, juicy, and delicious...just like they used to be!
Some of the apples approached their usual size: 1- 1.5 pounds. Though an
exhaustive search has proven fruitless in identifying the variety of apple,
I personally believe it is a Cortland. The apple has a crisp, pleasingly sweet taste
and is an excellent winter keeper.



More of our Miracle apples. Notice the leaf imprints on their skins.

    Miracle II Agricultural Blend
For two years we have been using Miracle II Agricultural Blend as a foliar spray
in our organic garden. The results have been astounding. This all-natural blend of
mineral salts improves the quality and pH level of the soil while offering nutrients to growing plants. We have noticed that our plants are stronger, healthier, and therefore
more resistant to disease. Since using Miracle II AgriBlend, we no longer have
a pest problem and our plant yields have increased dramatically. We have
also been able to grow crops that heretofore would not grow for us and plant in areas of our garden that customarily were not good growing areas. Formulator and
manufacturer, Clayton Tedeton (Mr. Miracle), reported that his AgriBlend
increased yields by over 200% in scientific studies. We were blessed to
know Clayton and have him walk our gardens when he visited Maine. He was
enthusiastic about the results we experienced with Miracle II and encouraged us
"to share the Miracle" with others. Clayton went home to glory on July 7, 2007.
We are only too sorry that he never saw our Miracle apples. Nevertheless,
his testimony and Spirit-inspired Miracle II products live on.

Miracle II Agricultural Blend concentrate comes in a 5 gallon bucket

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