An e-newsletter of THE LIVING WAY
Issue #21: "HEALTH FREEDOM- Does It Exist?"

1. Scheduled meetings and events
2. Ministry update from Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Hallelujah Acres Health Minister
3  Feature article: ''HEALTH FREEDOM- Does It Exist?"
4. LIVING resources
5. Buying Tips and more
6. LIVING recipe: Summer Fruit Cooler

1. Schedule of meetings and upcoming events:  

Thursday, August 13, 2009
at historic Fort Halifax Park
For more details:

Dr. Brian Clement, Director
Hippocrates Health Institute

Guest Speaker
Thursday, September 3
Winslow Fire Station Hall

Rev. George Malkmus-
Saturday, September 12, 10AM
Spectacular Events Center, Bangor

FMI, visit
If you want a flier for either or both events, email us
for a download!

Our monthly HANDS-ON HEALTH meetings are
taped for later broadcast on Channel 7, Public Access TV.
DVDs are available for a modest fee. For details
contact Laura at 207-453-9895 or

Living Letter archives-


2. Ministry update  

Dear Friends,

Summer is marching along! Enjoy the season while it is
here, unusual as it is! While many people's spirits are being
dampened by the weird, unseasonable weather, we LIVING
WAY-ers are savoring the few sunny, warm days that
come our way. Despite cool and wet conditions, our garden is
growing surprisingly well. Much to my delight, my collards
are stunning! I am picking big, beautiful, succulent leaves
and turning them into raw wraps. Their tender, velvety
taste is supreme! We are also enjoying bok choy, tatsoi,
arugula, lettuce, endive, wild edibles, beets, berries, wild
edibles, and much more. As we eat our live lunch outdoors,
we gaze with thankfulness upon our backyard mini-farm.
Truly life is simple. We are celebrating the season by eating
well: fresh raw soups, hearty salads, tasty entrees, smoothies,
and sweet treats. Savor summer as we are...the living way!

A good opportunity to 'go live' is our up-coming fifth annual
Mark your calendar for this special
event and begin planning what to bring. This friendly, informal
gathering promises to whet your appetite in favor of the live food
lifestyle. Many times those reluctant or too bashful to eat raw
are pleasantly surprised to experience this live food event! Join
us for an evening of outdoor eating and socializing in beautiful
Ft. Halifax Park. Those who are camera shy will be glad to
learn that this year we will not be taping the picnic for TV in
order to encourage socializing. There will also be no speaker,
since we are counting on you to provide LIVEly conversation!
So come, bring a raw surprise, and swell the crowd! For picnic
details, visit

Next month is our double-header health adventure. Dr. Brian
Clement will speak at our monthly HANDS-ON HEALTH
meeting Thursday, September 3, and Rev. George
Malkmus will present his now famous 'God's Way to
Ultimate Health' seminar in Bangor, Saturday, September 12.
The presentations of both men, who are leading authorities on
nutrition, promise to be inspiring. We are honored that they
are coming to Maine! Their personal appearances are a good
sign that the health message is catching on in the Northeast.
Plan to attend these events for a first-hand encounter with
recognized health experts. Pass the word around to family and
friends. Car pool for extra savings and fun. No matter what,
come! Meeting these men up-close-and-personal could
revolutionize your life!

Speaking of revolution, this month's feature article is on HEALTH
FREEDOM. While it is not my favorite subject to address, current
attention being given the H1N1 (swine flu), vaccinations, talk of
pandemic and mass innoculations, possible national emergency
and/or martial law, compels me to present sobering information
in the form of fact and commentary. While I am not an expert on
statistics, I am a seasoned Health Minister who has followed the
health freedom trail for many years, and hopefully the knowledge
that I have gained will serve to educate, enlighten, and ultimately
propel you toward making healthier decisions for you and your
family. Learn to LIVE, while there is yet time!

On a final note, our email program crashed about a month ago,
so if you've had difficulty contacting us, don't give up. Presently
I am winging our email accounts via webmail until I have time to
install a new program. Thank you for your patience.Your enthusiastic
support is appreciated!


3) Feature Article: 'HEALTH FREEDOM- Does It Exist?'

For most Americans, health freedom is a non-issue. It
is a subject removed, if not foreign. Nevertheless, in light
of the wave of events that is unfolding in our immediate and
not so immediate world, the issue of health freedom promises
to become highly personal in the not-so distant future. Those
who brave the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle know that doing so
sometimes comes with risks. Living healthy can have a down
side. Whereas the benefits of natural, wholesome living are
unquestionable, personal wellbeing is often accompanied by
tests, trials, and emotional pain. This pain is due in part
because those around us don't understand why we chose to
depart from the norm, albeit the conventional Standard American
lifestyle in favor of a way of life that is free of sickness, pain, and
disease. As strange as this may sound, it is true. Many people
consider the live food lifestyle to be a form of bondage of which
they want no part.

So it is that one man's bondage becomes another man's
freedom. All experience life on a different level, and herein
often lies the rub. Sadly most Americans who entertain the
Standard American lifestyle do not know that they are in
bondage. They have bought a way of life that is, for the
most part, a product of food merchants, politicians,
governments, organized medicine, insurance companies,
pharmaceutical companies, and undertakers. The quality
of life derived from this lifestyle is harmful, if not injurious,
to one's health! Truly the American lifestyle proves itself to
be a crash course, an accident looking to happen. It is
another manifestation of the age-old 'herd mentality', the
blind leading the blind wherein everyone falls into the ditch.
So it is that life on the conventional conveyor belt in America
is what many call 'living free.'

It has been said that freedom is a choice, and this being
true, we are coming to a time in our nation's history when
the definition of freedom will need to be revisted and personally
relearned for the sake of survival, if nothing else; for presently
there exists a battle, if not a war, which few know exists. This
conflict is called HEALTH FREEDOM. At stake in this battle
and/or war is your LIFE...your right to pursue a natural,
wholesome lifestyle. Those who have fabricated the Standard
American way of life through promotion of a wreckless diet, toxic
medical care, and lawless living are consolidating their forces in an
effort to stamp out all vestiges of wellbeing, whether it is yours or
mine. The actions of these would-be saviors of mankind have turned
the American Dream into a nightmare. Power hungry, profit-
motivated food merchants, medical personnel, pharmaceutical
companies, insurance agencies, lawyers, politicians, and
goverment agencies are working together in one massive offensive
to keep the American public from being healthy. This sickness
mentality is not only pervasive but criminal, and it is destroying
our nation one person at a time.

Health is not a privilege, but a YAH-given right. Nevertheless, we
are a nation that has largely turned its back on YHVH in order to
serve lesser gods, the gods of mammon (man). Man has had seven
thousand years to prove his worth, and the results are dismal. For
all of man's efforts, his achievements speak for themselves. Mankind
is presently suffering the ills of man's ill-conceived ideas about life
and how to pursue it. After all these years, this is what man has to
show for himself:

1)Toxic food-
fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains that are largely
hybrid, genetically altered, irradiated, pasteurized, and laden with
chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This adulteration of natural foods
violates YHVH's commandment, 'Thou shalt not commit adultery (i,e.
mix or change the seed)'- Exodus 20:14.
YHVH forbade His people to
commit this practice because it endangered their wellbeing (health)
and prosperity (longevity). Altered food is unnatural and therefore
foreign/toxic to the natural body.
2) Toxic Food Manufacturing- preserving of foods dates back to
ancient times, but processing of foods is a more recent invention
that was popularized as the result of WWII. When women left the
kitchen to enter the work place, the American way of life, to include
homecooking, began to die. Processed, pre-cooked, manufactured
foods appeared a the solution for mealtime. Convenience foods
became the demand and eventually the norm, to the point where
today the average American meal is birthed in a factory not the
family kitchen. Processed foods are, by definition, exposed to high
levels of heat (which kill naturally-occuring vitamins, minerals,
enzymes, oxygen, and distilled water), contain chemcially-derived
food additives (that are known carcinogens and neurotoxins), and are
often made with genetically modified organisms. Recent studies
show that over eighty five percent of supermarket food is genetically
modified. No labeling requirements exist for GMOs. Manufactured,
processed, 'fractured/fragmented' foods, aka 'fast' and 'junk' foods,
contain little to no nutrition. They are dead foods. Dead food cannot
feed a live body.
3) Toxic food merchants-
For all intents and purposes, profit appears
to be the motivation of most food merchants. Though a precious, if
not sacred commodity, food has become a tool for merchants to
exercise power and control over a population. History proves that
profit rather than principles of proper nutrition motivate food merchants.
Greed is not a healthy virtue nor is the love of money. Scripture says,
For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil'- I Timothy 6:10
4) Toxic medicine- organized medicine is man's solution to health
care. It is an allopathic approach, based on treating symptoms rather
than the cause of the problems(s). For the most part, the forte of this
modality is to diagnose, dispense drugs, prescribe chemically-derived
or genetically-engineered therapy/treatment, and perform (often
unneccessary) surgery. Medical professionals are not schooled in
nutrition. Furthermore, they receive perks and commissions from
pharmaceutical companies on the drugs they dispense. Medical
institutions enjoy little to no liability for patient injury. Statistics show
that there are more fatalities annually at the hands of medical
professionals than those incurred in automobile accidents. Studies
also show that more people are leaving hospitals sicker than when
they were admitted.
5) Toxic drug industry-
Pharmaceutical companies represent one of
the biggest industries in America. The use of chemically-derived
drugs to treat health problems has evolved over the centuries to
become one of the most powerful weapons of mass destruction.
Over 400,000 people die annually from pharmaceutical-related
injuries. The word 'pharmacy' is derived from the Greek, pharmakeia,
which means 'sorcery.' Revelation 9:21 warns about the practice of
sorcery and its associated judgment, ''and they repented not of their
murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their
Sorcery is a practice forbidden by YHVH, because it is a
form of devil worship. Nevertheless, the American public (this includes
many believers) has succumbed to methods of sorcery to solve
health problems rather than obey YHVH's original plant-based diet
and prosper. Because of their chemical nature, all pharmaceutical
drugs are toxic, i.e. poisonous (especially to the liver), and therefore
harmful to the body. Statistics prove that pharmaceutical companies
are driven by profit not the welfare of those they purport to serve.
Pharmaceutical companies, along with the tobacco, alcohol,
meat, and dairy industries, are major lobbyists in the US government.
6) Toxic vaccinations-
poisonous inventions of pharmaceutical
companies, organized medicine, politicians, and governments that
are promoted as disease-preventive measures. Facts prove otherwise.
Vaccines contain toxic substances such as mercury, formaldehyde,
live animal (usually monkey) viruses, aborted fetal tissue, MSG and
aspartame (known poisons), sorbitol (sugar), chick embryos, and
more. Reactions from vaccinations is well known and widespread,
causing serious illness and even death. Contrary to popular opinion,
diseases such as dyptheria, typhoid, polio, and small pox were not
erradicated because of vaccinations but because of increased pubic
santitation. Vaccinations mutate and destroy the body's genetic
code (DNA).
7) Toxic politicians- Allowing for the natural tendency of man
toward vice, it could be rightfully said that politics is largely
an unhealthy pursuit, especially when it comes to protecting public
wellbeing. Despite incessant bureaucratic manuevering, politicians
prove that good health cannot be legislated. Sadly, politicians are
largely responsible for promoting the toxic American lifestyle, This is
due in part because 1) they have no knowledge of what constitutes
good health nor its principles, 2) they personally entertain a poor
health habits, and 3) their actions are often motivated by money or
power. Politicians are notorious for the perks/kick-backs that they
receive from special interest groups (corporations) who seek political
8) Toxic government- Historically speaking, organized governments
prove to be unhealthy, for they do not have public welfare much less
the law of YHVH at heart. Therefore, they are destructive at best.
Whereas the American Republic was founded on righteous principles,
it has slowly evolved into a dangerous, unhealthy democracy. Our
present government and its many branches, departments, and
agencies has shown itself to be hostile toward the American public
by denying them their YAH-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness (which includes health freedom). Agencies such as the
FDA and the USDA protect corporate interests and not the public
good. Government bureaucracies wage war on farmers, ranchers, and
consumers.Public outcry concerning issues of food safety and truth
in labeling are conveniently ignored for the sake of corporate power.
Governments create health care systems, invent public health
policies, and expect the average American to accept these decrees
without argument or redress.
9) Toxic insurance industry- Insurance companies work hand-in-
hand with organized medicine, pharmaceutical companies, politicians,
and governments to 'insure' access to health care. While the principle
appears just, the system is not. Like most corporate entities,
insurance companies are motivated by profit and not public welfare.
Their assets are tied to investments that are now proving to be
unprofitable, financially unsound and illegal. The current economic
downturn is collapsing many insurance companies, leaving policy
holders in the lurch.

That Americans have bought into this toxic lifestyle is sad but true.
Much like Eve and Snow White, they have been seduced into
believing a lie. Consuming poisonous food, taking poisonous drugs,
undergoing barbaric, inhumane, often unnecessary surgery and/or
treatments, being victimized by organized medicine, insurance
companies, ignorant politicians, and abusive governments is neither
healthy or is it an exercise in freedom. This way of life is nothing
more than glorified slavery. This fact is borne out by countless cases
of horrific health problems and deaths across the country that are the
result of medical blunders and abuses. Furthermore, Americans are
being terrorized by government agencies, politicians, and the media
for refusing to live the Standard American lifestyle and submit to
organized medicine and its modalities. Parents are being arrested,
jailed, and prosecuted for 1) refusing chemotherapy for their
children, 2) raising their children on a raw food diet, 3) refusing to
vaccinate their children, and 4) speaking out against organized
medicine. In these and many other cases, children are being
removed from homes and placed into foster care. So it is that
exercising health freedom in America is becoming increasingly
dangerous. It often comes at a great price and with great sacrifice.
Families have been destroyed, lives lost, and countless, hard-earned
dollars spent, searching for justice and that all-important commodity
called HEALTH FREEDOM. Does it exist in America? If so, why are
so many people suffering for exercising their YAH- given right to a
better, healthier quality of life?

To be continued...

Next month we will continue this discussion by taking a look at other
HEALTH FREEDOM threats such as Codex Alimentarius, UN
influences and policies, government-mandated health care, the H1N1
(swine) flu, forced vaccinations, internment, and genocide. In the
meantime, I leave you with some articles and websites to ponder:

Death by Doctoring...

Meet the new 'food czar'...

Health Freedom Alert

US Health Freedom on Verge of Collapse

WHO will be killing you?...

Proposed health care 'death education'...

Fight for Your Health- Byron Richards

George Malkmus on vaccines... website of Dr. Rima Laibow
and husband-partner Maj. Gen. (ret'd) Albert Stubblebine III


4) LIVING Resources  

Rite Food and Company
Locals who are looking for a taste of raw will be happy to learn of Lisa
Marie Lindenschmidt and her live food endeavors. Lisa is an
all-around raw enthusiast with chef know-how and experience. She
is also the new coordinator for the RawMaine Meet-Up. If you're
looking for a little 'live' action, consider connecting with Lisa to
learn of raw events that encourage healthy eating and living!

Healthy news sources
There are many excellent health news sources that offer a wide
variety of information. We recommend that you consider subscribing
to some of these free e-newsletters. A couple trusted sources are:

Hallelujah Acres Publications

Hallelujah Acres sends out a free bi- monthly magazine that is now
called, The Hallelujah Diet News. George Malkmus, founder of
Hallelujah Acres, also sends out a free, weekly e-newsletter,
Hallelujah Acres Health Tip. Both publications are excellent sources
of inspiring information. Subscribe by visiting

News worth noting:  

Cancer Map

When food becomes a weapon...

Congressional dust bowl


5) Buying tips and order info  

Bulk Almond Butter
If you want a healthy alternative to peanut butter we recommend
almond butter. Almonds are considered to be the king of nuts,
because they are highly nutritious and alkaline in nature. We
purchase Once Again Almond Butter through our local co-op,
and whereas it is technically not raw, it is at least not roasted.
A 9# tub of this almond butter is now on sale for $50.(regularly
$65.) Consider taking advantage of the sale, since the price is the
best we've seen. Split a tub with family or friends. The order deadline
is August 14 for delivery on August 24. Contact us soon to order.

Health equipment
As we travel about, we sometimes find bargains on new or used
health related items. Whenever possible, we like to pass these
good finds on to others who are beginning a healthier lifestyle. At
present the following items need new homes:
1) Mini trampoline-
next-to-new, inexpensive unit
2) Blender- barely used inexpensive unit
3) Blender bases-
two or three units, good condition; no cannisters
4) Green Power Juicer-
our old juicer; good for parts; could be
repaired, if you're handy.
This equipment is available on a donation basis. Contact us
for details.

Hallelujah Acres products
If you are interested in purchasing Hallelujah Acres products, we
encourage you to contact HA directly and order using our health
ministry PIN# 407. Since we do not stock their full product line, it is
easier and faster to purchase directly through HA. Kindly know that
we appreciate your support of our ministry through your purchases.
HA occasionally has specials on products and shipping. Quantity
pricing is available through our ministry. Contact us for details.

Equipment purchases
If you want to purchase a juicer, dehydrator,  VitaMix, etc., please
order directly through us. Your order can be drop-shipped in a matter
of days. Other materials and products exclusive of HA can be
purchased from us by appointment. Call us to make arrangements.

Life Enthusiast Co-Op
For maximum magnesium supplementation, we recommend TransDerma Magnesium Oil, Precious Prills Beads. Order these
and other Twilight America products from Life Enthusiast Co-Op,
When purchasing, please use our Affilitate #10472. A portion
of your purchase will help support this ministry. Call 1-866-543-3388
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6) LIVING Recipe: Summer Fruit Cooler

Several years ago I was surprised to learn in Steve Arlin's
(now Thor Bazler) book, Raw Power, that cucumbers,
zucchini, summer squash, and sweet peppers are classified
as fruit. This delightful discovery has hence expanded my
vocabulary in the kitchen, especially in creating smoothies.
Depending on what fruit is available, combine the sweet tastes
of summer that are deliciously different, entirely filling, and refreshingly cool! Try this simple one for starters...

1 orange
1 apple
1 small- medium cucumber
1 stalk celery
1-2 leaves kale or collards
handful fresh parsley
few stems fresh basil and/or mint
1 Tbsp. hemp protein or oil
1 level tsp. cinnamon
purified water

Peel, chop, dice ingredients and gradually blend together,
adding sufficient water to make the combination creamy
smooth. Serve as a drink or as a soup. Garnish with
frozen raspberries or blueberries!

For optimum nutrition, go with organic ingredients!


This LIVING Letter comes to you in Messiah's love to encourage you
toward achieving superior health.  Healing of the whole man is the
promise of our Heavenly Father. Begin now to receive your new
life...naturally and spiritually. YHVH is able to do great and wondrous
works, if we will but trust and obey Him. YHVH bless you!

For your excellent health and His glory,

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