If I Were in Charge of the World
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister 12-2-14
All rights reserved

If I were in charge of the world,
This is what I’d do:
I’d line everyone up and then I’d ask,
‘Okay, what’s wrong with you?’

With pen and paper in hand,
I would listen to their tales,
Taking careful note of their complaints
As well as their weeps and wails.

“I have arthritis in all my joints;
My back and legs ache bad;
When I walk my body creeks
And it makes me very sad.

“I’m overweight and tired,
No matter what I do,
Most of the time I have a cold
And I always have the flu.

“I haven’t wanted to tell anyone,
But I think I have heart disease,
My blood pressure is way too high,
And when I breathe, I wheeze.

"My gut is always out-of-sorts,
I belch and pass smelly gas,
Most of the time I’m constipated,
So crapping is not an easy task.

"My hair is falling out,
And my eyesight is growing dim;
I can’t read like I used to
Nor can I hear the usual din;

"Some think that I have diabetes,
Cuz I crave all that sugary food,
But I think my problem is dementia,
It runs in the family like a bad mood;

"My father had amnesia
And my mother she had gout;
Aunt Ida had kidney problems,
And Uncle Joe had his gallbladder out;

"Maybe I have cancer
Or something worse yet still,
Because sometimes I get awful pain
Even when it’s a slight bit chill.

"It could be that I have an abcess,
Because my teeth are falling out,
My gums they are a-bleeding
And I have pain up into my snout;

"I’m allergic to the cat
And get an awful rash,
I itch so bad that I scratch and scratch
And cannot sleep, so I thrash.

"Most of the time I feel rejected,
I am depressed and discouraged, too;
Nothing ever seems to go right-
I am lonely and often blue.

"Recently I took up smoking,
To calm my nerves and stress,
But now I’ve developed a cough
That is deep-seated in my chest;

"I’ve tried to drown my troubles with alcohol,
Spending my hard-earned money on booze,
But soon I discovered the awful truth
That drinkers don’t win, they lose.

"So my multi-fold problems continue,
And I grind slowly through them every day,
I huff and I puff to keep myself going,
Lest I succumb and die along the way.

"I try not to feel sorry for myself,
But I have so many ills,
The doctor says I have mental indigestion
So he said, Relax. Just take these pills.”

ENOUGH! I shouted to the crowd!
The list of your troubles is too long!
I see what your problem is-
Your diet is all WRONG!

I’ve had enough of this sickness stuff,
Now it’s time for serious ammunition!
So pay attention and listen up,
For this war will be won by

Food, food, LIVING food
Is what your body needs, I say;
Our Father Above has a health plan,
But you must listen and obey;

He custom made the seed-bearing fruit,
The greens and vegetables from the ground
To keep us strong and healthy,
That we might prosper and abound.

He said, "These foods are from My garden,
So take and eat them as a gift from Me,
I have put within them the secret of life
That will bless you abundantly.

"The way to vibrant health is simple,
But you must follow My plan:
Eat your fruit and vegetables daily,
Enjoy them
raw as much as you can.

"Cooking destroys the life-force of foods,
Therefore go not in the way of man
Who is bent on destroying the goodness
Found in the foods created by I AM.

"So be blessed, My ailing children,
For I give you
HOPE this day,
I designed your body to heal itself,
And given the right food, it will be okay!"

‘A plant-based diet to the rescue!’
I shouted to the crowd with glee-
It’s time to mobilize into action,
So that your bodies can be sickness-free!

Go grab some carrots, kale, and chard-
Grab some broccoli and red beets, too-
Put them through a friendly juicer,
And drink up for a healthier you!

Make salads and fruit smoothies,
Pack them full of dark, leafy greens-
And soon you’ll be feeling better
Than ever you could possibly dream!

Take important supplements
Like vitamin D3 and B-12,
For they will boost your immune system
And keep you strong and well!

Clean out your body temple-
Your liver, intestines, and all
By beginning a cleansing program
That will clean out every cell wall!

Say good-bye to meat and dairy,
And so long to eggs and tofu,
Start living a vegan lifestyle
That will build a healthier, new you!

Forget foods that are processed,
And eat living vegetables and fruit,
Add seeds, nuts, and whole grains-
These foods stop sickness at the root!

Be sure to have your omega’s-
The healthy fats that keep you fit,
Have some flax, hemp, safflower
Or coconut oil for a daily lift!

Your body likes to exercise,
So get up and start to
Shake off your sedentary lifestyle,
And get into a healthier groove!

Take in some fresh air and sunshine
Go on a long walk every day,
For in the beauties of nature,
Hidden, health benefits lay.

Stay away from drinking tap water,
For it is a toxic brew,
It is laced with fluoride and chlorine,
And other chemicals that can kill you.

So filter your water, find a spring
Or dig a deep, deep well,
For healthy drinking water is a must
To feed and hydrate each body cell.

Clean up your toxic lifestyle
By using natural soaps and shampoos-
Avoid chemical ingredients
In all products that you use;

Wear natural fabrics like cotton,
Hemp, silk, and linen, too-
These fibers let the body breathe,
And leave no toxic residue.

Be smart and do not allow
Technology to make you ill,
Protect yourself from microwaves,
For such radiation can kill.

Forget about seeing a doctor,
And forget about seeing a nurse;
They are not schooled in nutrition
And will make your problems worse.

If I were in charge of the world,
I’d tear down hospitals and clinics,
In their stead I’d plant big gardens
To fly in the face of raw food cynics.

I’d fire all the doctors,
And most likely the nurses, too;
I’d tell them all to go packing
Unless proper nutrition they would do.

I’d shut down all the food companies
And tell these merchants good-bye,
For they have done enough damage,
Causing too many people to die.

I’d outlaw all the processed foods,
Eating hot dogs would become a crime,
Drinking sodas, beer, and Kool-Aid
Would come with heavy jail time.

I’d close down all the factory farms
And let the animals go free,
Then I’d prosecute Monsanto
For their crimes against humanity.

Next, I’d go after the drug lords
Who make all those fancy, expensive pills;
And I’d give them a firm ultimatum:
Cease and Desist or be put through the mill.

Then I would visit the vaccine vendors,
And give them a piece of my mind
Before shooting them up with their own poisons,
Taking careful aim to hit their behinds.

Last but not least I’d round up the politicians,
And with a mighty bull horn in hand
I’d herd them into giant, cattle stalls
And force-feed them with GMO corn and sand.

Yup, if I were in charge of the world,
It would be a mighty different place,
I’d order a juicer to be in every home,
And mandate a backyard garden space.

Why, the world would become a veritable paradise,
A manifestation of Eden returned to earth,
For everyone would be vibrantly healthy
And filled with gladness and mirth.

‘It is a marvel, a miracle!’ many would shout.
‘What a wonder and what a plan
That though we were once so unhealthy,
We could be well again!’

And so the rants of the ailing crowd
Were silenced by the hand of YAH
Who reached down in love to touch them
Through the power of His foods so raw.

Then all the people shouted together:
Praise be to YHVH
And pass the ammunition,
For we have won the war against sickness
With the weapon called

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