Our Wild Edibles 2010

Mullein is gracing our garden this year.
At present one plant (shown at left) is approximately 7' tall and blossoming.
Growing alongside of it is a stand of Borage.
It's lovely blue flowers are faintly visible in this photo.
At right is another, younger Mullien growing in a different part of the garden.
The plant has beautiful soft, fuzzy leaves that catch and hold the morning dew
like tiny jewels. I love the color of the leaves: celadon green.


Early in the season I discovered a plant growing in our garden.
It looked too beautiful to pull out, so I checked in my encyclopedia
of wild edibles to identify it. It turns out to be a stand of
Queen Anne's Lace, aka wild carrot...common to be sure, but
lovely nonetheless. It can be eaten- root, stems, leaves, and flowers!
The dried seeds can be used as a seasoning 'salt.'