Our Wild Edibles 2010

Stinging Nettles (and they DO sting!) Handle with care!
Stinging Nettles are a 'wild edible' that can be and is
cultivated for medicinal as well as culinary applications.
It is high in iron. We love to juice our nettles!


Our glorious Red Amaranth
...a veritable 'living sculpture' in our garden...
nearly six feet tall!

Two years ago for the sake of fun and variety, we purchased some Red Amaranth seedlings.
I had seen Amaranth in books and displays of it at our local agricultural fair and
was so taken by it that I decided to grow some. Amaranth is grown for its
seed value as a grain, but its leaves are also edible and make tasty
additions to salads and other raw dishes. Above all,
Red Amaranth makes a stunning
table decoration!