Healthy Reading
by Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Health Minister, 2-5-19

Life is an education, and how well we learn our lessons
determines the quality of our lives. Gathering knowledge
is a basic, life principle that should be pursued daily to
propell us into a higher understanding of ourselves and
the world around us. To be sure, no amount of 'smart'
technology and Artificial Intelligence can compare with
holding an honest-to-goodness, real, live book in our
hands and reading it! While we are at it, why not make
that book a healthy one?!

Presented below are titles of recommended resources
that educate on achieving a quality of life that many think
is impossible to experience, namely a life without sickness,
pain, and disease. Nevertheless, testimonies prove that
countless numbers of people have discovered the remarkable
truth that, given the right food, the body heals itself. Why then
settle for poor health when you can enjoy vibrant health? Living
well is a matter of choice. Prove to yourself that excellent health
is possible:
'You don't have to be sick!'

Why Christians Get Sick- the first book written by
George Malkmus as a treatise and personal testament in
support of the living food, 'Hallelujah Diet' of Genesis 1:29.
It is a simple but compelling read, explaining how believers
have unwittingly embraced the world's diet (the Standard
American Diet) that is proven scientifically, medically, and
Biblically to be the leading cause of sickness, pain, disease,
and death. Complete with Malkmus' personal testimony of
how he was healed from inoperatable colon cancer and
many other physical problems by adopting a plant-based,
raw diet, this book is recommended reading for the
Christian community, skeptics, and newbies to the living
foods diet. Learn more

Recipes for Life from God's Garden by Rhonda
Malkmus. This book contains her personal testimony,
explains why the Standard American Diet is unhealthy,
and presents the plant-based diet of Genesis 1:29 as
being the basic foundation for mankind's ultimate health.
This book includes valuable resources, over 400 recipes,
and is a recommended, practical guide, especially for
those who seek to resolve personal health problems
the natural way and want to learn about the Hallelujah
Diet. 344 pages/spiral bound. Learn more

Additional books and educational materials from Hallelujah
Acres can be found

Sugar Blues by William Dufty- a powerful book that
exposes the hidden truth about refined sugar and its affects
on humanity. This book is a 'read it and weep' expose that
packs a powerful, thought-provoking punch of reality. Dufty's
journalistic background affords him a style and content that
is both comprehensive and detailed. His grasp of the sugar
subject runs the gamut of historical fact, fiction, and 'in-the-face'
reporting. As a former sugar addict now 'come clean', Dufty
takes the reader on a journey through the sordid history of
sugar and how this one substance has done more to destroy
mankind than any other known commodity. Dufty exposes the
sugar industry at large: its politicians, practitioners, medical
pundits, advertisers, and consumers. In short, he sheds light
on a subject that is near to the hearts and stomachs of most
people. Sugar Blues is full of facts that should convince
anyone and everyone to give up refined sugar forever!

Available here

Additional books on sugar: The Sugar Trap - by Beatrice
Trum Hunter;
Lick the Sugar Habit- by Nancy Appleton;
Sugar Busters- by Steward, Bethea, Andrews, Balart;
Suicide by Sugar- by Nancy Appleton, G.N. Jacobs.

Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko, world-renown
pioneer, advocate, educator, and raw food enthusiast.
This book presents Boutenko's personal journey in
finding the ultimate healing experience contained in
living foods. She charts her journey into the jungle where
she discovered the life-giving combination of fruit with
greens from observing the eating habits of animals in
the wild. Her experience ultimately led to the birth of the
now- famous and popular green smoothie. This book
is a recommended read for those who want to transition
into a healthier quality of life. Testimonials and recipes
included. Soft-bound;186 pages. Available

Raw Power by Thor Bazler, veteran raw foodist and body
builder. This book presents a simple, straight forward
argument for the many health benefits associated with
eating a raw, plant-based diet. Bazler supports his treatise
by chronicling his personal health journey and gives insight
into the science of living foods in relation to body health.
Recipes and photos included. Available

Dr. Jensen's Better Guide to Bowel Care- by Dr. Bernard
Jensen, renown chiropractor, health advocate and enthusiast.
This book is a must-read, classic guideline for understanding
the nature and function of the digestive system and its impact
on total body health. Jensen's experience of over sixty years
in treating patients with assorted health issues established him
as an authority on gut health. Discussed are guidelines for naturally
resolving intestinal and/or bowel problems. Complete with recipes,
cleansing, and exercise programs. Good health begins with a
healthy gut. Charts and photos included. Available

Cleansing or Surgery- Cleansing the interior of the body
is a prerequisite for achieving superior health. Eliminating
toxic residues, parasites, and stones that are lodged within
the body, frees the body to function well. Many health problems
can be resolved naturally by cleansing. Simple, inexpensive
cleanses as found in this home-spun book from Embassy of
Heaven Church are life-savers. Why elect to have surgery,
when you can cleanse your way to vibrant health! The book
contains how-to's for seven, all-natural cleanses that will make
a world of improvement to your health. A must have for the
serious health seeker. Available

Fats that Heal, Fats that Kill- by Udo Erasmus, world
authority on fats/oils. This book presents a comprehensive,
scientific profile on fats, oils, and cholesterol in relation to
human health. Discussed are the origins, history, and
manufactured properties of a wide range of oils such as
vegetable, corn, cottonseed, olive, flax, hemp, evening
primrose, borage, and more. This book is a definitive guide
for choosing/incorporating healthy oils into the diet that
support the body's well being. Though scientific in approach,
it is easy reading for the layman. A recommended resource.
456 pages. Available

The NEW Miracles of Rebound Exercise by Albert E. Carter,
award-winning gymnast, trampoline artist, consultant to NASA,
author, and lecturer on the science behind and benefits of
rebounding. Originator of the 'Healthy Cell Concept,' Carter
educates about the importance of activating the lymphatic
system for the sake of overall health, proving that moving
lymphatic fluid via rebound exercise detoxifies cells of
harmful wastes so that they can function well. Exercises,
charts, and testimonials included. Learn more

It is said that health is wealth, so having a few good health
books can be the investment of a lifetime that pays great
dividends daily. For the sake of personal prosperity, take
time to learn the basic principles that constitute living well.
Sickness, pain, and disease were never a part of YHVH's
plan for His people, but through ignorance and lack of
knowledge many have suffered and perished needlessly.
Now is the time to make healthier choices for ourselves
and our families by embracing YHVH's living way.


Study to shew thyself approved unto YHVH, a workman
that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word
of truth. -2 Timothy 2:15

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.- John 8:32

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