Living Recipes
Summer Recipes that 'hit the spot!'

Super Arugula Salad

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy life-giving greens, so
celebrate the season by helping yourself to a large bowl of
spicy Arugula coupled with baby greens, preferably fresh
from the garden. Taste the goodness of greens the LIVING way!

A generous handful of Arugula
An assortment of baby lettuce, chard or beet greens
Scallion tops, cut or broken into bite-sized pieces
Few herbs of choice (Basil is good!)

Topping options:
Dulse Flakes
Hemp Seeds
Flax Seeds
1-2 tsp of coconut oil or healthy pesto
A dash of healthy salt

Toss well and savor the goodness! For
extra fun and variety, add in sliced or diced avocado, a few sprouts, a faint whisper of curry powder or a little lemon juice

Serve with a side of sprouted/dehydrated sunflower, pumpkin seeds and home-made crackers.

This salad is simple, quick, and easy to make-
a genuine palate pleaser!


Green Grape Cooler

Need some heat relief? Beat sizzling,
summer temperatures with a fruit cooler
that will refresh yourself the healthy way.
It's naturally delicious, so give it a try!

You will need:
A cluster of seedless green grapes
Purified water

What to do:
Take grapes off the stems and freeze
(preferrably overnight), then blend the
frozen grapes with some water on high
speed until liquified. Pour into a glass
and drink up!

If you want to be extra cool, make
some 'grape-sicles!' Blend
grapes and a little water, then pour
into small, paper cups. Add a popsicle-
style stick and place in the freezer
overnight. Before eating, let grape-
sicle(s) thaw slightly for a few minutes
on the counter in order to remove the
paper cup.

'Way cool' as they say.....

Coolers can be made with a variety
of fresh, in-season fruit such as
strawberries, raspberries, black
berries, apricots, plums, peaches,
and more! So explore and discover
the endless possibilities of fruit coolers!