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Issue #11: Winterizing Your Body

1. Scheduled meetings and events
2. Ministry update from Mary Louise;Town Jaqua, Hallelujah Acres Health Minister
3  Feature article: "Winterizing Your Body"
4. LIVING resources
5. Buying Tips and more
6. LIVING recipe: Root Slaw  

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1. Schedule of meetings and upcoming events:  

HANDS-ON HEALTH-   "GMO's: An Alien Invasion of Our Food Supply" Lecture and video presentation Thursday, October 9, 2008 5:30-7:30PM at the Winslow Public Library For more information, visit DVDs of our meetings are available from Channel 7 TV by calling 1-207-453-9895. A small fee applies.  

Live Food Demonstration, Thursday, November 13, 2008 Uncle Dean's Good Groceries, Waterville  

WILTON, MAINE: Health Presentation to the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), November 5, 2008, 6-8PM Sponsored by the Western Maine Community Action.  FMI visit or call 1-800-645-9636 .    ________________________________________  

2. Ministry update   Dear Friends,   Fall is in full swing here central Maine. This year the colors are breath-taking, turning the landscape into a veritable paradise for 'leaf peepers.' As we are out and about, we fill our spirits with the colors of the season, knowing that soon cold weather will be here  and with it, snow!  For now, however, we are still gardening: bringing in a steady harvest of assorted greens, herbs, tomatoes, tomatillos, beets, broccoli, and tomatoes. True to my tenacity as a die-hard gardener, I expect to keep the garden going as long as possible, at least to the first of November. With winter coming on I am working toward storing our root vegetables once again. 'Rooties,' as I call them, are an important part of our winter diet. In this month's feature article, I'll be talking about root vegetables and their relationship to winter eating. If you have a cool spot in your home, barn, or garage, you might want to consider storing extra root vegetables. Squirrels put food away for the winter, so why shouldn't you?!  

Speaking of food storage, we are currently tucking away a goodly supply of fresh concord grape juice in our freezer. Much to our delight, our three, twenty-one year old vines produced a record harvest this year: a whopping 73lbs., topping the previous 2006 record of 40lbs. How best to preserve these lucious grapes posed a challenge. Considering space limitations, we decided to juice them with our  Champion juicer and freeze what we could not drink fresh. Suffice to say, our home-grown, home-made grape juice turned out to be entirely awesome: a rich, creamy, semi-tart taste of grape that is simply sensational. What a great way to end our garden season!  
Last month we also made our annual trip to the Common Ground Fair to enjoy a day of agricultural indulgence: talking with area farmers, attending garden-related lectures, visiting animal exhibits, and touring the food and flower displays in the Exhibition Hall. Once again I submitted several entries (ten in all) from our garden and kitchen. As it turned out, all ten of my entries were awarded ribbons, one of which was a Judges' Award (a difficult accomplishment I'm told). I was surprised, but delighted. For a full report on my fair entries plus photos of our 2008 garden, visit  

So it is that we 'Living Way'ers' have been enjoying the fine art of healthy living while continuing to share the glad tidings of 'living live' wherever we go. We are happy that our monthly health meetings are being better attended and that our television audience is increasingly enthusiastic. Invariably we meet viewers as we are around town and enjoy talking with them up-close-and-personal. Inquiries about the health message are increasing as are the number of people contacting us for help. Allowing for the positive responses of late, we know people are paying more attention to issues of personal health. That we are a part of the healing process for others is a personal blessing.   By way of interest, I am happy to report that I will presenting the health message to Child and Adult Care Provider Program sponsored by Western Maine Community Action. This is an excellent opportunity to bring the truth about proper nutrition to those who are shaping young lives. Thank you for supporting my presentation with your prayers.   In closing, if you have not started the Hallelujah Diet or are hesitant to  'go live', consider giving it a try. A LIVING lifestyle is better than grappling with sickness, pain, dis-ease, and fatigue. The live food lifestyle is surprisingly fun, easy, and delicious. For those who may be skeptical of eating raw, we invite you to experience first hand what this lifestyle is all about by attending our next LIVE FOOD Demonstration in November. Mark your calendar and possibly reserve your seat for this usually well-attended event. We promise you won't be disappointed!      


3) Featured Article: 'Winterizing Your Body'  

Seasons come and go, and whether we realize it or not, our bodies respond to the rhythms of the changing seasons by presenting different nutritional needs. Eating foods in season is a wise approach to healthy eating and part of this approach is  to purchase local foods. Living close to the land is an ancient practice by many cultures and a lifestyle that our forebearers established in America. This agrarian way of life, however, has slowly been replaced in our country by a synthetic lifestyle that, for the most part, is alien to the natural laws of the land. Though many studies exist about the relation of man to his  environment, this article will serve to address simple ways that we can adapt to colder climates and therefore best care for our bodies.  

1) LIVE FOOD DIET: The best insurance for survival in any climate, especially a colder climate, is a diet of whole, live food- fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and whole grains in their raw, pure state. Live food contains live vitamins, live minerals, live enzymes, oxygen, distilled water, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients, etc. that are, by nature of their make-up, life-sustaining. These live nutrients build healthy cells and healthy cells build a strong body. A strong immune system is the best prevention of sickness and disease.  

2) BARLEYMAX: Add more nutrition to your body by taking BarleyMax, a nutritionally-dense, green, 'super food.' This live food, green supplement is so powerful that it can double as a survival food. Since our food supply is overall nutritionally poor due to less than favorable growing conditions, BarleyMax steps in as a life-saver. During the winter season when fresh green foods are usually not as plentiful or affordable, BarleyMax will help keep your immune system strong at a time when it is needed most.  

3) EAT ROOT VEGETABLES: Root vegetables such as turnip, parsnip, jerusalem artichokes, winter squash, and potatoes are healthy starches that meet the nutritional demands of the body during colder weather. These natural carbohydrates are needed by body cells to produce heat, thus enabling the body to keep warm. As these winter vegetables come in season, we learn that YHVH provides them at such a time in order to  keep our bodies nutritionally fit through the colder months. Eating foods that are in season is a natrual approach to a healthy life.  Root vegetables, including beets, carrots, and radish, are rich in minerals. Their roots penetrate deep into the soil and draw out minerals that are essential 'winterizers', fueling body cells for the sake of keeping us warm. Though root vegetables are popularly eaten cooked, they are more nutritious when eaten raw, grated in salads or made into raw soups. Root vegetables and winter squashes can be placed in cold storage (ideally at a mean temperature of 45 degrees) for long-term winter enjoyment.  

4) ADD MORE PROTEIN: In order to keep body cells firing hotter during the colder months, consider adding more nuts, beans and/or bean sprouts to your diet. These nutritionally-dense foods are excellent sources for boosting the body's protein level, especially when dark, leafy greens may not be available. Though the body only requires about 2% protein, increasing one's protein intake during  the winter months may be necessary. Sprouts are easily grown indoors in jars, trays, or linen bags. Nuts should be soaked 2-4 hours and then rinsed before eating. Raw nut butters also make a healthy addition to one's diet. Recommended serving for nuts is a modest 1/4 cup per day.  

5) INCREASE OMEGA 3 AND 6 OIL INTAKE: Essential fatty acids (omega3/6 oils) are healthy fats that the body cannot live without. Known as EFAs, these essential fatty acids regulate all systems of the body as well as maintain the flexibility of cell membranes. If cell membranes are not flexible, nutrients cannot enter the cells and wastes cannot exit. In the colder climes, body cells require more EFAs in order to keep the body warm. The omega 3/6 oils energize the cells so that they can produce more heat. In colder tempertures, the body requires more essential fatty acids to 'fuel the cell furnaces.' An increased intake  of healthy omegas during the winter is a good safeguard for maintaining overall body performance, especially body temperature. Hemp oil or Udo's Oil (a blend of healthy EFAs) are healthy oils of choice. Chapped or rough skin in the winter is usually a sign of omega 3/6 deficiency.  

6) B-12/Folic ACID: Winterizing your body may include adding a B-12 supplement to your diet. B-12 is important for folate metabolism, red blood formation,  synthesis of DNA and RNA, maintenance of the myelin sheath of nerves as well as digestion and absorption of food. Colder temperatures can sometimes add stress to the body, making it work harder. Therefore, an adequate daily amount of B-12 ( usually 2.4 micrograms per adult) is a good safeguard to maintaining optimum health, especially during the winter.  

7) VITAMIN D: Vitamin D, known as the 'sunshine vitamin,' is essential for calcium and phosphorous absorption and utilization. A calcium deficiency can result in osteoporosis, cancer, schizophrenia, seasonal affective disorder, muscle weakness, diabetes, obesity, heart problems, etc. Studies show that over 60% of Americans are vitamin D deficient. The best source for vitamin D is sunlight, wherein the ultraviolet rays hit the skin and change a form of cholestrol, a precursor of vitamin D, into cholecalciferol (D3). Those living in higher latitudes where sunlight is less available during colder months should consider vitamin D supplementation. A reliable source for vitamin D supplementation is B-Flax-D from Hallelujah Acres.  

8) MAGNESIUM: Magnesium is the fourth most abundant element in the human body, following calcium, sodium, and potassium. It is important for nerve conduction, muscle contraction, maintaining proper blood pressure and normal heart beat. Low levels of magnesium can result in heart rhythm changes, blood pressure problems, and low calcium levels. Without magnesium, the body cannot absorb calcium. Most Americans have a magnesium deficiency. Natural sources of magnesium include dark, leafy greens, nuts, and kelp. However, additional supplementation may be needed. In such case, we recommend mineral supplements, especially transdermal magnesium therapy.  

9) EXERCISE: Though cold temperatures usually preempt outdoor activity, exercising should not be put on hold during the winter. Keep your body tuned by doing stretching exercises, taking short walks in the fresh air and sunshine, and using a mini-trampoline (aka rebounder). Toning body cells knows no season. Exercise is in, especially during colder months when the body clock may shift toward a seasonal slow down. Avoid hibernation, by adding more oxygen into your life in the form of healthy exercise!  

10) REST: Winter is a good time for extra rest. While the outside world is dormant and, in some places, snow-covered, consider giving yourself added time to relax. Take advantage of longer nights by tucking in early. The body recharges itself during sleep, healing and regenerating body cells. Rest well so that you can wake up feeling refreshed instead of feeling like a 'left over.' Winter is a good time to unwind and rethink your lifestyle  choices.  

11) DRESS FOR THE SEASON: Caring for the body is an inside-out experience. Through proper diet and exercise, cell integrity is maintained and a strong immune system established. However, the body also needs outer wear for protection during the colder months. Dress warm for the season (especially in freezing temperatures) with hat, coat, scarf, mittens, and boots. Over one half of body heart escapes from the head, so consider donning a hat. Wear natural fibers- wool, linen, and cotton- as ordained by YHVH. These natural fibers are non-toxic and allow the body to breathe properly. Natural fibers do not leave residues as do synthetic materials. Smart dressing- inside and out- for the winter will result in fewer, if any, colds and flus.   Winter is a season dreaded by some, nevertheless, it can be a time of re-creation. If we care for ourselves properly, we will not only last the season, but achieve a level of health that we perhaps never knew existed. Instead of looking at winter as a possible 'down-side of life,' consider the colder months as an opportunity to explore life in a new dimension. Indulge yourself in healthy activities: read a new book, start a craft project, volunteer for a worthy cause, visit friends and family, or tackle a household job. Most importantly, nurture your spirit. Life is a spiritual journey and starts by having a personal relationship with Yahshua Messiah. Invite Yahshua into your life, and we guarantee you will never be the same. Ultimate health involves spirit, soul, and body. Therefore, feed your spirit by reading your Bible, feed your soul by desiring what is good for you, and feed your body with healthy food. Don't drag yourself through the colder months. Instead, emerge from the long winter season a new creation. Give yourself the opportunity to  become truly healthy and truly FREE!  

Note: BarleyMax, B-Flax-D, B-12/Folic Acid, and Udo's Oil supplements as mentioned in the above article are available through Hallelujah Acres- 1-800-915-9355- (PIN# 407 when ordering). For additional mineral supplementation, please contact us. For sprouting information, visit   ______________________________________________
4) LIVING Resources  

RawMaine Meet-Up   
Those desiring to pursue the live food lifestyle in Maine might want to join the RawMaine Meet-Up group. This cluster of raw foodists meets once a month and offers a variety of events, including raw potlucks. For more information, visit

Healthy news sources
There are many excellent health news sources that offer a wide variety of information. We recommend that you consider subscribing to some of these free e-newsletters. A couple trusted sources are:   Hallelujah Acres Publications Don't forget that Hallelujah Acres sends out a free bi- monthly magazine, The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle (formerly 'Back to the Garden'). George Malkmus, founder of Hallelujah Acres, also sends out a free, weekly e-newsletter, Hallelujah Acres Health Tip. Both publications are excellent sources of inspiring information. Subscribe by visiting    

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5) Buying Tips and Order info   Hallelujah Acres If you are interested in purchasing Hallelujah Acres products, we encourage people to contact HA directly. We do not stock their full product line. It is easier and faster to purchase directly through HA. However, we would appreciate your using our PIN#407 when you order. In this way, you will be supporting our ministry through your HA puchases. We thus appreciate your consideration, since this ministry is supported through product sales and donations. HA occasionally waves or runs specials rates on shipping. Quanitity pricing is available through our ministry. Contact us for details.   If you want to purchase equipment such as a juicer, dehydrator,  VitaMix, etc., please order directly through us. Your order can be dropped shipped in a matter of days. Other materials and products exclusive of HA can be purchased from us by appointment. Call us to make arrangements. ________________________________________
6) LIVING Recipe: ROOT SLAW   1/2 Medium green cabbage 1 Medium beet variety of choice 1 Medium carrot 1 Cup Daikon radish 1 Cup turnip 1 tsp. grated fresh ginger 1 small onion or 4-6 large scallions 1 tsp celery seed   Finely grate cabbage and shred root vegetables. Thinly slice/cut onion, add seasoning and toss. Dress with a healthy omega-rich oil or salad dressing.   Go organic for optimum health! __________________________________________
This LIVING Letter comes to you in Messiah's love to encourage you toward achieving superior health.  Healing of the whole man is the promise of our Heavenly Father. Begin now to receive your new life...naturally and spiritually. YHVH is able to do great and wondrous works, if we will but trust and obey Him. YHVH bless you!   For your excellent health and His glory, Mary   ________________________________________  
THE LIVING WAY is only one facet of Gertrude Ministries, a ministry dedicated to teaching kingdom life. Yahshua came to give us life and life abundantly. It is our privilege to help you realize life to the fullest both naturally and spiritually. Feel free to ask for prayer or counsel concerning your needs no matter what they may be.