2012 Garden Tour
'One is nearer YAH's heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth'
(Dorothy Frances Gurney)

A garden is a special place that affords solace in the time of need,
a place where body, soul, and spirit can be refreshed.
The natural unfolding of life as experienced in a garden
is a quiet reminder that speaks louder than words.
Suffice to say, there are many lessons that
we can learn from a garden, the foremost being,
'Be still and know that I am YHVH.'

Here is one of our St. John's Wort bushes.
We have several now growing all over the
yard. Most of them stand about four feet tall.
The bees love them. As I gather the flowers,
I fondly watch the bees dart amoung the flowers,
being thankful for the bees, since many areas of
the country no longer have these dear, helpful

Here is some of our Comfrey. We have
several plants in various parts of the yard that
grow all too quickly. I have given up harvesting
the leaves for dehydrating, since the task is too daunting.
Nevertheless, I pick some leaves on occasion to include
in our juicing and raw soups. Other than that, I enjoy having
the Comfrey around and treat it as a beautiful, familiar friend.

Nettles, my dear and delicious friends, live
in many parts of our backyard. They love growing
under our lilac bushes and near our compost bins.
We eat a lot of nettles. I especially like them in
green smoothies. Nettles are highly nutritious,
being an excellent source of iron and other trace minerals.