The Harvest 2010

The first of this year's cucumber harvest.
These are Marketmores, my favorite variety.
We enjoy them in raw soups, salads,
salad dressings or as finger foods.

This is part of our first harvest of Cocozelle
and Romanesque Zucchini
squash. These
hunkers measure 12"- 14" long. Usually
squash left to grow this large becomes
tough and unedible, but these varieties
remain soft and succulent on the grand scale.
We juice them, enjoy them in salads,
raw soups and as finger foods.


These Happy Rich Asian Greens are my all-time favorite to grow,
since I regard them as the ultimate solution to growing broccoli.
They are a hardy plant that grows well throughout the season,
though prefering cooler temps. Their greatest attribute is that
they are extremely prolific. The 'mini-broccoli heads' grow
quickly and in abundance. They are succulent, sweet
to the palate, and easy to chew. Whereas I once
grew large heads of broccoli with great success,
I now prefer the Happy Rich because of their
superlative taste and ease of growing. They
also take up less garden space and give
a greater yield for the same effort.

Happy Rich Asian Greens are available from Johnny's Select Seeds